Discovery Intern – Sirenas

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About Sirenas

Sirenas is a company with a validated drug discovery platform designed to bring unparalleled chemical diversity to high-value therapeutic areas. Our mission is to generate a proprietary and partnered pipeline of breakthrough drug leads. We have active programs in oncology and neglected diseases.

Drawing from our exclusive, highly curated collections of chemical diversity from all over the world, Sirenas employs deep informatics and next-generation chemistry to accelerate the development of structurally diverse molecules that address unmet needs in modern medicine. With our unique approach to lead identification, Sirenas presents novel molecular candidates that are pre-validated by billions of years of evolution in competitive environments. Our world-class team of synthetic and medicinal chemists, using cutting-edge approaches, quickly synthesizes these leads for advancement to the clinic.

Job Description:

We are seeking a creative, enthusiastic, and highly motivated individual to become an extraction and separation expert by practicing laboratory techniques and utilizing analytical and semi-preparative laboratory instruments to expand the company’s fraction library. In addition to meeting weekly crude and solid phase extraction goals, the successful candidate will present to the Company an experiment of his/her own choosing upon the completion of the internship. This is a paid internship with a maximum of 40 work hours per week.


  • Maintain a steady supply of crude and solid phase extractions on a weekly basis
  • Learn to use laboratory instruments:

    Liquid handler
    Perform quality check on data

  • Update biomass inventories weekly
  • Perform general lab duties

Unpacking shipments
Keep the laboratory safe, clean, and well-organized
Maintain chemical inventory
Alert research associates or operations manager about any resource deficiencies o Perform routine maintenance of rotovaps

  • Learn to be a good lab-mate
    Fosters cooperation and collaboration with others

Constructively responds to guidance

  • Learn to input and navigate relevant date in an electronic notebook


  • Weekly meeting with manager to track progress and discuss issues/concerns
  • Participate in bi-weekly Library Generation Team meetings
  • Ask for clarification when needed
  • Follow safety guidelines
  • Perform procedures in accordance with approved standard operating protocols
  • Use an electric notebook to record extraction data according to standard Company policies
  • Dedicate 30 hours per week in the lab
  • Dedicate 10 hours per week on project or learning new skills
    Interested? Contact: 
    Tamara Schwent, Associate Director, Alliance and Program Management
    Phone: 858-909-5105