Principal, Planning & Green Port – Port of San Diego

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Under general direction of a Director or Assistant Vice President, supervises the work of professional and technical staff and oversees multiple aspects of the District’s planning and green port initiatives, including but not limited to: long-range planning, energy efficiency and conservation, alternative energy, climate planning and policy, environmental conservation, environmental protection, business operations, budget administration, contract management, and other administrative responsibilities; acts as a complement and substitute for a Director or Assistant Vice President; facilitates the resolution of issues between key stakeholders; monitors and ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations of regulatory agencies and District policies, represents the District; and acts as a liaison in high-level interactions, and performs other duties as assigned.


Principal, Planning & Green Port is a management level position working under a Director or Assistant Vice President. The incumbent is responsible for leading a team and implementing and executing team-level or department-level operational goals and objectives. Responsibilities require independent judgment on issues that are complex, interpretive, and evaluative in nature. Responsibilities and assignments require a thorough understanding of District and department policies, practices and procedures, and involve significant accountability and high-level decision making. The incumbent plans and formulates detailed work plans and budgets, directs and manages the development of annual work programs and objectives, and monitors and ensures compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The incumbent is assigned highly complex and specialized responsibilities requiring advanced professional-level knowledge of the goals, objectives and technical requirements of environmental conservation and protection, long-range planning, natural resource and/or energy programs.

The Principal, Planning & Green Port is distinguished from other management and supervisory classes in that incumbents serve as top finance, budget and administrative leaders for a team or department and require a high degree of administrative discretion to carry out significant department policies and programs.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities


The following statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by people assigned to this classification.  They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so classified.

  1. Leads, coordinates, directs, plans, manages, supervises, provides leadership, and evaluates key strategic initiatives of an assigned team, department or division; analyzes, implements and monitors work plans to achieve the District mission, goals and performance measures; monitors performance against a team’s, department’s, or division’s budget; leads planning and green port initiatives and programs for the District; develops and implements plans, policies, systems and procedures applicable to team, department, or division responsibilities.
  2. Directs, analyzes, and evaluates the performance of team, department, or division staff; establishes performance requirements and personal development targets; regularly monitors performance and provides coaching for performance improvement and development; prepares performance evaluations and reviews individual evaluations with staff; recommends merit increases and other rewards to recognize performance; recommends disciplinary action, up to and including termination, to address performance deficiencies, in accordance with the Disrict’s human resources policies and labor contract provisions.
  3. Provides leadership and support to team, department, or division staff and develops and retains highly competent, service-oriented staff through selection, training and day-to-day management in support of the District’s mission, objectives and service expectations; oversees and administers ongoing team, department, or division training; provides leadership and participates in programs and activities that promote workplace diversity and a positive environment for employee relations.
  4. Serves as a District representative and acts as a liaison in interactions with other industry and governmental agencies, tenants, District member cities, professional organizations, community groups and elected officials on program issues; plans, organizes, facilitates and manages planning activities with other governmental agencies; serves as District’s representative on local, regional and national associations of interest to the District’s mission; participates in meetings, conferences, conventions and other professional forums to keep abreast of regional/national planning trends and emerging strategies for ports.
  5. Directs, plans, develops, analyzes, and conducts program outreach and promotional activities for assigned programs; develops or directs development of information, outreach and educational materials; directs team, department, or division staff to plan, organize and implement effective public relations goals and strategies; oversees staff presentations to tenants and community, neighborhood, business and school groups; plans initiatives to encourage public participation in division programs.
  6. Leads, develops, directs, writes, analyzes, reviews and presents a variety of technical and professional reports, documents, correspondence and records related to assigned programs; drafts correspondence to other District departments and state and federal regulatory agencies; drafts Board of Port Commissioners agenda items and memos; oversees maintenance of accurate and complete records.

Additionally, the incumbent may also be responsible for overseeing one or more of the following specialized departmental division areas:

  1. Directs, manages, implements and oversees the Port Master Plan and other related long-range plans; plans and manages activities and processes to obtain approval of Port Master Plan Amendments by the Board of Port Commissioners and certification by the California Coastal Commission; manages and supervises the preparation of and develops analyses and makes recommendations regarding the Port Master Plan and other related plans.
  2. Directs manages and monitors reviews of District and tenant development projects to ensure compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), California Coastal Act (Coastal Act), and other relevant federal, state and local laws, regulations, codes and District policies and procedures; identifies issues and resolves or facilitates appropriate resolution; manages and oversees issuance of coastal development permits consistent with CEQA, Coastal Act, San Diego Unified Port District Act, and the Port Master Plan.
  3. Directs, manages and oversees environmental field investigative, compliance work and special studies requiring a high level of technical expertise and knowledge; plans, organizes and manages site environmental assessments and field investigations; plans, manages, directs field sampling, and other environmental survey activities and efforts; plans, organizes and directs the activities of field crews; directs performance of District and tenant environmental compliance investigations; oversees, directs and participates in the compilation and analyses of data and findings and develops courses of action.
  4. Directs, manages, and oversees environmental conservation initiatives including natural resource management programs, permitting, and mitigation banking. Coordinates and oversees environmental education and outreach programs, geographical information systems programs, and clean-up events.
  5. Directs, manages, and oversees climate and energy programs, including climate action plan implementation, energy efficiency and conservation planning, alternative energy initiatives, energy demand management, environmental sustainability, climate change planning and policy, adaptation and resiliency planning.
  6. Directs, manages, and oversees aquaculture and blue technology business lines and programs, including aquaculture hatcheries, nurseries, and harvesting; fisheries enhancement; and marine spatial planning.
  7. Directs, manages, develops, negotiates, and administers consultant contracts; drafts contract language; awards or recommends awarding of contracts, selecting appropriate consultants; monitors and evaluates contract compliance, including contract invoices; assesses, identifies and facilitates complete resolution of non-compliance issues.
  8. Researches and identifies potential sources for, secures and administers grant and loan funding from governmental agencies, foundations and other funding sources. Maintains and grows existing and new business lines.


  1. Acts as the Director or Assistant Vice President in that individual’s absence.
  2. Directs and manages program managers and other staff to assess and identify project/program needs and plans to verify project scope and expectations.


Knowledge of:

  1. Advanced principles, practices, concepts and techniques used in developing and executing public administration, budget and financial planning, contracting and maintenance of public records.
  2. Theories, advanced principles, laws, practices and techniques related to land use, urban and environmental planning, long-range planning, energy efficiency and conservation, alternative energy, climate planning and policy, environmental conservation, environmental protection, and/or business operations.
  3. Advanced social, political, economic, and environmental issues influencing planning program/project development and imple­mentation.
  4. Advanced research methods and analysis techniques.
  5. Advanced principles and practices of effective human resource management and supervision.
  6. Principles and practices of effective business communications.
  7. District Personnel Rules and Regulations, policies and labor contract provisions.
  8. Principles and practices of strategic and long-term business planning.

Ability to:

  1. Plan, organize, manage and direct a variety of complex work programs, financial functions and operations programs and activities.
  2. Manage multiple projects and programs that implement the division work plan, vision and goals.
  3. Analyze, evaluate and make sound recommendations on complex financial data and department operations.
  4. Define complex issues, perform difficult and complex analysis and research, evaluate alternatives and develop sound conclusions and recommendations.
  5. Understandand apply District, local, state, and federal policies, laws and regulations and court decisions applicable to areas of responsibility.
  6. Apply creativity and flexibility in problem solving to complex and/or sensitive issues and problems.
  7. Present proposals and recommendations clearly, logically and persuasively in public meetings.
  8. Represent the District and department effectively on a variety of issues; negotiate effectively on behalf of the District.
  9. Develop and implement appropriate procedures and controls.  Prepare clear, concise and comprehensive projects, assignments, reports, correspondence, studies, policy and other written materials.
  10. Exercise sound, expert independent judgment and political acumen within general policy guidelines.
  11. Exercise tact and diplomacy in dealing with sensitive, complex and confidential issues and situations.
  12. Establish and maintain effective working relationships providing leadership and direction with all levels of District management, employees, the public, government officials, tenants, contractors, suppliers, businesses, agencies, labor unions and others.
  13. Provides expertise, guidance and assistance to executives, senior staff, the Board of Port Commissioners, other staff, tenants and external customers.


Education, Training and Experience:

Graduation from a four-year college or university with a major in land use planning, urban planning, environmental planning, regional planning, public or business administration, aquaculture, environmental science/policy, biology, physical or chemical science, public policy, law or a law-related degree,, or a closely related field; and a minimum of eight years of progressively responsible experience involving implementation of related professional programs of similar complexity and scope in private or public agencies, at least three years of which were at a supervisory level. Experience in a public agency is preferred.  Time served as a District Intern counts towards the years of experience.

Licenses; Certificates; Special Requirements:

A current, valid California Class C driver’s license at time of appointment and maintained at all times thereafter in order to operate a vehicle on District business.
If assigned to perform work at any of the District’s maritime facilities, the incumbent must be able to pass a background check in accordance with current Federal and State requirements.

This position meets one or more of the criteria for the unclassified service as outlined in San Diego Unified Port District Act Section 72.5(b), and as such is exempted from the classified service.
Supplemental Information

Persons with disabilities may be able to perform the essential duties of this class with reasonable accommodation. Reasonable accommodation will be evaluated on an individual basis and depends, in part, on the specific requirements for the job, the limitations related to disability and the ability of the hiring department to accommodate the limitation.