Research Associate I/II, Quantitative Small-Scale – Genomatica

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Research Associate: Quantitative Small-Scale | Req. # 201708-370-20

Genomatica is seeking a highly motivated experimental biologist/biochemical engineer who has meticulous attention to detail for a Research Associate position in the quantitative small-scale (QSS) physiology group. The successful candidate will help develop and carry out well-plate-based experimental assays that generate highly precise and accurate data that is rich with information. This position is an integral part of our strain and fermentation process development and involves working together with other Genomatica scientists and engineers towards optimizingmicrobial hosts for the production of chemicals from renewable feedstocks. The position entails performing (1) well-plate-based experiments that enable reliable ranking of microbial strain performance prior to entering larger-scale fermentation testing, (2) metabolic profiling including systems-level metabolic phenotype characterization, (3) optimization of quality-to-throughput-ratio (efficiency) for in vivo strain evaluation/screening, and (4) developing custom-tailored experimental platforms relevant for the above studies. The successful candidate will also critically analyze and interpret experimental data to translate new scientific questions into testable hypothesis and present next steps.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in biochemical engineering, bioengineering, biology, or another quantitative discipline with demonstrated wet-lab experience in a relevant academic laboratories and/or bio-industry.
  • Proficiency in developing/applying experimental approaches for strain screening/evaluation and quantitative physiology.
  • Laboratory experience in well-plate-based small-scale fermentation and basic understanding of microbial cultivation and metabolic engineering concepts.
  • Self-motivated, highly organized, detail-oriented, eager to learn, creative, and efficient.
  • Able to work effectively both independently and as a team member.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
  • Must pay attention to details and have the ability to follow up and follow through.



  • Practical, metabolic-engineering-oriented laboratory experience (e.g., microbiology, molecular biology, enzymology, fermentation) and application of experimentation to better characterize metabolic phenotypes.
  • Laboratory experience (sample preparation, processing) and basic understanding of experimental systems biology approaches such as 13C-based metabolic profiling, metabolomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics.
  • Working knowledge of metabolism in industrially relevant microbial systems.
  • Basic understanding in chemical/biochemical engineering modeling works for microbial cultures.


Work Environment/ Physical Demands

This position involves working primarily in a laboratory setting. As such this position requires the ability to stand or sit at the bench, the use of standard laboratory equipment as well as computers and office equipment. The position requires communication with other individuals through a variety of methods.


Genomatica is committed to providing exciting career opportunities in an environment that values trust, respect, openness, teamwork, creative talent, enthusiasm, and diligence. We are looking for innovative, motivated and uniquely talented people who enjoy the challenges and rewards of a fast-growing company devoted to commercializing cutting-edge technology. Genomatica is an equal opportunity employer.