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Geophysicist Intern

Regional Geoscience Manager/ Geoscience Manager All Staff

Outline Job Description :
DownUnder GeoSolutions is an innovative geosciences company with a diverse range of capabilities. Our products and services are at the cutting edge of exploration and production services to the global oil and gas industry.

Our headquarter is based at Perth, and other offices are located at Kuala Lumpur, London and Houston. We runs our own supercomputers with 15 petaflops of compute!

We are looking for graduates who are keen to handle large dataset of signal data processing (hundreds of terabytes) and enjoying in problem solving.

You will be assisting the project team in delivering seismic processing and depth imaging projects. Initially, you will learn and develop your technical skills through tasks as follow:

●  Seismic velocity analysis and QC.


●  Production QC of processing stages.


●  Creating QC attributes such as RMS maps and horizons.


●  Running and managing production work flows on company computer system.


●  Test and processing report writing.


●  Assemble workflows for seismic processing.


●  Report to another team member of any unresolved issues that may arise during a production

run, including quality related issues.


●  Comply with the Company’s HSE regulations and policy.


●  Cooperate with supervisory and management personnel to ensure the Company’s safety

responsibilities are fulfilled.


●  Perform other related tasks as assigned by the team leader.

Job Requirements :


●  BSc, MSc or Ph.D. in Maths/ Physics / Electrical Engineering and Geophysics, or equivalent.


●  High level of computer proficiency.


●  Excellent communication skills; fluent in written and spoken English.


●  Organised, attention to detail, and able to produce accurate work.


●  Motivated to complete assigned responsibilities within set deadlines.


●  Applicants must have the legal right to work at the time of submitting their applications.

The following experience is desirable, but not mandatory:


●  Knowledge of, and experience working with, Linux, Unix, and geoscience software / applications.


●  Oil/gas industry experience – with working knowledge of seismic or digital signal processing.


●  Experience with Seismic Unix (USP) and scripting.



Kindly send us a copy of your latest CV and unofficial/ official academic transcripts at