Internship-Market Study on Autonomous Underwater Vessels/ROVs – Assure Controls

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Assure Controls, Inc.
Internship-Market Study on Autonomous Underwater Vessels/ROVs

Job Description:
Our company is moving into a new market and we need to ascertain basic information about the market drivers. This position is a work experience internship to investigate the market size and growth rates for maritime technology products, specifically the use of unmanned robots. These are called ASVs (Autonomous Surface Vessels) and ROVs (Remotely Operated Vessels). In the last decade, over 20 companies and dozens of ASV and ROV products have entered this market and we need to collect the existing information and market data that is from several sources.
This is an unpaid internship, which is not intensive work, perhaps 2 to 3 hours per week, ending approximately mid-January. The intern(s) would receive a letter of recognition for their work, with comments on the value of their contribution to our company’s move into a new technical area; and that the intern’s report was instrumental in the development of the timeline for risk-mitigating our commercial pursuit. This would be helpful material to show as experience with industry, or away from standard coursework.

The job can be one or two people, if they find it interesting to work together.

After an expression of interest in the project, a phone call will welcome, and clarify the project. A list of questions and key items for the final “deliverables” would be sent, and the market research work could begin. They can touch in frequently if there are questions.

Additionally, the project intern(s), would be welcome to visit our facilities in Carlsbad.


Ability to follow a prescribed work plan
Ability to do internet research on ASVs, and ROVs
Ability to cross-reference information and data.
Ability to completely answer questions in writing.
Ability to form logical summaries of market descriptions and the data.
Ability to state conclusions, based on the validity of the market studies.
No requirement to do any phone surveys or interviews of market participants.


With interest, contact:
Bryan Bjorndal