Internship for academic credit- Clear Blue Sea

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Clear Blue Sea – a 501c3 Nonprofit

Cleansing the Oceans of Plastic Pollution





Marine Sensors: Comparative Analysis for Implementation on Unmanned Robots Collecting Garbage in the Pacific



Jessica Gottdank, Chief Engineer, Clear Blue Sea

Susan Baer, Executive Director, Clear Blue Sea


START DATE:                   Any time between January – December 2018 (dates flexible)

LOCATION:                     San Diego, California

WORK SCHEDULE:          Negotiable per student schedules

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­CLEAR BLUE SEA: NONPROFIT COMPANY DESCRIPTION

Clear Blue Sea is a local environmental nonprofit startup located in The Maritime Alliance’s Blue Tech Incubator situated in the Dentons Law Offices in San Diego.  Clear Blue Sea is a non-profit organization committed to collecting ocean plastics that have formed into gigantic garbage patches in the Pacific Gyres. Our objective is to ensure the survival of the maritime ecosystem and the health of the maritime economy by removing plastic debris from our oceans for sustainable repurposing and returning the maritime environment back to clear blue seas. We plan to accomplish our mission by developing fleets of unmanned, solar-powered, large-size marine robots called the Floating Robot for Eliminating Debris (FREDs). FRED’s 3 key functions are to:

  • Clean up plastic pollution in the Pacific Gyres and ensure it is sustainably repurposed
  • Ensure FRED minimizes harm to marine animals – while collecting ocean debris – using sensors and warning alarms
  • Collect and transmit scientific data on oceanographic and atmospheric climactic changes


We are seeking a Marine Sciences/Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences student intern to assist us in designing an integrated set of marine sensors for our Floating Robot for Eliminating Debris (FRED).

PROJECT GOAL: Identify and perform a comparative analysis of marine sensor capabilities (either commercially-available products and/or emergent technologies) to be integrated into the FRED design and prototype to ensure minimal harm is done to marine animals by:

  • Identifying marine animals in potential proximity to FRED
  • Sending sonar and acoustic warnings based on type of marine animal
  • Recording data on the operational performance and effectiveness of warning marine animals of nearby operational fleets of FREDs



  • Review and update this Internship Description in collaboration with Clear Blue Sea
  • Review and update Clear Blue Sea requirements for the Marine Sensors Subsystem Design
  • Identify potential marine sensor solutions that fulfill the subsystem requirements baseline
  • Perform a comparative analysis of potential sensor solutions using subsystem requirements as the basis for evaluation criteria
  • Develop and present initial recommendations on an integrated set of marine sensors to be implemented on the FRED Prototype as well as the target operational FRED



Clear Blue Sea provides our interns with their preferred level of independent work while always being available for discussion, questions, concerns, initial findings, or any other project topic. Clear Blue Sea will provide a standard weekly meeting with the intern to provide any needed resources, track status, resolve issues, and mitigate project risks.


As a vibrant member of the SIO community, possess the following capabilities:

  • Have a passion for remediating the ocean of extensive plastic debris currently doing great damage to marine ecosystems
  • Live in the San Diego area and be able to work both independently as well as work collaboratively with Clear Blue Sea at remote sites and/or our Incubator Office at Dentons Law Offices in UTC
  • Plan and implement specific approaches for performing the project task set, with high level documentation of methods and tools utilized during this comparative analysis of marine sensors
  • Knowledge of and experience with relevant SIO resources to leverage additional data, research, methods, and equipment that has been studied and/or developed at Scripps and is in the public domain (and not SIO intellectual property)
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills, across a wide range of audiences, to gather needed data on sensor product specifications from respective suppliers and then summarize for comparative purposes
  • Be experienced in Microsoft Office
  • Have completed at least two years of higher education


We are looking for unique passion, dedication, and performance to provide a meaningful internship to the SIO student, while generating marine sensor information and analysis that can be applied to the FRED Prototype Design and Build effort during 2018.

Please send a letter of interest and your resume to: AND

We are excited to talk with you! Read more about us on our website at