Discovery Chemistry Associate Scientist /Scientist I – Sirenas Marine Discovery

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Discovery Chemistry Associate Scientist/Scientist I


Job Description

We are seeking a highly self-motivated, energetic and creative Associate Scientist/Scientist I candidate for our Discovery Chemistry team with extensive experience in natural product chemistry. The desired applicant should have extensive experience with mass spectrometry, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), purifying and handling minor quantities of material (nanomole-scale), and NMR structure elucidation. The candidate ideally has some experience with molecular networking and big data analysis. The successful candidate should be comfortable working with a diverse team to build on and expand current knowledge and skill level in chromatography, mass spectrometry, chemical informatics, metabolomics, and data analysis and management. Candidates with microbial and genomic experience is desired.



• Perform thorough data analysis with Sirenas marine and terrestrial fraction library

• Natural product isolation and purification

• Structure elucidation using NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry

• Analyze and interpret experimental results

• Document experimental procedures and results

• Present experimental data in internal and external meetings



• PhD in analytical or bioorganic chemistry or related discipline with 0–2 years industry experience

• Proficient with mass spectrometry and HPLC

• Strong NMR spectroscopy skills

• Strong data analysis skills

• Microbial and genomic background is a plus

• Must work well in a multidisciplinary team environment

• Good attention to detail

• Excellent documentation and communication skills


About Sirenas

Sirenas is a company with a validated drug discovery platform designed to bring unparalleled chemical diversity to high-value therapeutic areas. Our mission is to generate a proprietary and partnered pipeline of breakthrough drug leads. We have active programs in immunooncology and neglected diseases.

Drawing from our exclusive, highly curated collections of chemical diversity from all over the world, Sirenas employs deep informatics and next-generation chemistry to accelerate the development of structurally diverse molecules that address unmet needs in modern medicine. With our unique approach to lead identification, Sirenas presents novel molecular candidates that are pre-validated by billions of years of evolution in competitive environments. Our world-class team of synthetic and medicinal chemists, using cutting-edge approaches, quickly synthesizes these leads for advancement to the clinic.

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