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Senior Research Associate position open at Genomatica. Please see the links for the company’s career page and the Linkedin page with the job description that is also pasted in below.

Senior Research Associate I/II, Quantitative Small-Scale | Req. 201805-390-18

Genomatica is a widely-recognized technology leader for the chemical industry, delivering commercial bio-based engineering solutions and processes for a high-volume intermediate chemicals and high-value chemicals. We have been honored to receive extensive recognition for our innovation, commercialization track record, and potential for broad impact.

Genomatica’s Systems Bioengineering group aims to expedite relevant R&D technology developments using the state-of-the-art bioengineering tools available today, and we are seeking a highly motivated senior-level biologist/biochemical engineer who has an experimental expertise in quantitatively testing microbial physiology in vivo and meticulous attention to detail. 

The position is based on San Diego, CA and a title will be Senior Research Associate working in Quantitative Small Scale (QSS) team under Systems Bioengineering group. The successful candidate will implement custom-designed microbial cultivation assays for quantitative physiology studies in an information-rich and precise way and involve in developing experimental platforms for high-throughput quantitative strain evaluation.

This position plays an integral role in our strain and fermentation process development, working together with other multi-disciplinary scientists and engineers to optimize microbial hosts in diverse bio-based processes. The successful candidate will have demonstrated capabilities of conceiving innovative experimental design and executing small scale experiments with minimum supervision. Having abilities of scientific creativity and critical thinking is crucial to develop innovative solutions in a team environment. 

Job Responsibilities
1. Design and execute QSS experiments using various types of cultivation platforms such as well-plates and shake flasks, evaluate microbial strains in engineering pipeline, perform data analysis, document/communicate outcomes with actionable information within R&D.
2. Conduct custom-tailored quantitative physiology experiments and unveil physiology details relevant for strain and fermentation process developments.
3. Work with automation engineers to establish in-house high-throughput QSS capabilities and custom SOP.
4. Supervise and provide mentorship to junior research associates to generate the best quality QSS data for different R&D projects.

Minimum Requirements:
1. Bachelor or master Degree in biology-related science and engineering with a minimum of 5 years of experience in performing quantitative in vivo screening and automation, and wet-lab biological experiments in a relevant academic laboratories and/or bio-industry.
2. Solid knowledge in biology and chemistry fundamentals.
3. Proficiency in developing/applying experimental approaches for strain screening/evaluation and quantitative physiology.
4. Laboratory experience in well-plate-based cultivation and understanding in microbial cultivation, quantitative physiology, metabolic engineering, etc.
5. Highly organized, detail-oriented, and self-motivated candidates with ability of critical thinking, willingness to learn, creativity.
6. Proven ability to work effectively both independently and as a team member.
7. Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

1. Practical, metabolic-engineering-oriented laboratory experience.
2. Experimental systems biology experience such as 13C-experiements, metabolomics, transcriptomics, and/or proteomics.
3. Knowledge in metabolism and metabolic pathways.
4. Basic understanding in chemical/biochemical engineering modeling works for microbial cultures.
5. Strong data analysis skills, attention to detail, and competent computer skills (Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

Genomatica is an Equal Opportunity Employer.