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Remote / Ocean Scientist – Data Team / Full-Time Overview

Scoot Science is building a virtual window into the ocean for marine stakeholders through ocean observing, analysis, and forecasting. We give our customers a critical edge for marine operations, risk management, and planning, by pairing the best available ocean and atmospheric data with in house analytics and visualization. If you love the ocean and science, are focused on sustainable human interactions with the environment, and excited about the intersection of technology, ocean data, and decision making… let’s talk.

The Opportunity

We are hiring enterprising and motivated ocean scientists with excellent quantitative and analytical skills. We’re looking for those who are willing to navigate outside academia yet stay true to their curiosity and passion for the ocean. These team members will contribute to and help design our operational forecasting models and analysis products, and also use their ocean domain expertise to help develop risk and finance products focused on extreme ocean events.

The Scoot Science Team

Our team is distributed and we practice remote work. We all communicate daily through formal and informal means to foster a collaborative work environment. When not limited by social distancing, we participate in quarterly in-person meetings to focus on team building and strategy. We also strongly encourage all of our team members to engage in conferences and trade shows, and to diversify their skills through professional development.

Desired Skills

● MS, or Ph.D. in ocean science, applied math/statistics, or related earth science field

● Extensive hands-on experience working with disparate, multi-dimensional data sets

● Creativity in solving complex data wrangling problems

● Deep knowledge, experience, and willingness to learn and add to our existing tech stack including: Python, Jupyter Notebooks/IDEs, GitHub, SQL, data management services (ex. AWS), machine learning techniques, statistical modeling, numerical modeling

● Curiosity and eagerness to help design practical and functional analysis products

● Proven experience working in a collaborative team environment

● Strong spoken, written, and technology communication including: using metadata, well documented code, and team based revision history

● Recognition that work is a marathon, and that quality of work is more important than quantity

What You’ll Do

In this position you’ll have broad responsibility for helping to design new analysis products, developing operationally relevant forecasting models, and assisting in linking ocean data to risk and finance products. You’ll be working on all aspects of our data analytics team: from data wrangling and ETL to deploying new models. You will have a great deal of freedom and responsibility to define and tune operational forecasts and data products for our customers.

Within 1 month you’ll:

● Onboard and learn our internal communication and project management workflows

● Set up your remote work environment and access all of our tools and resources

● Learn the landscape of our existing data lake, data warehouse, and toolboxes

Within 3 months you’ll:

● Design and build robust, simple, and modular tools for solving ocean data problems

● Develop database interactions and analysis workflows, routines, and pipelines

● Constantly research new analysis techniques and advocate for novel solutions to connect an understanding of ocean change to customer needs

Within 6 months you’ll:

● Collaboratively implement internal development and project management goals

● Refine cash flow models with the risk and finance team by incorporating ocean data

● Further develop and tune our operational forecast capabilities

Still interested but not quite an exact match?

We’re always looking for a motivated A+ generalist. Let us know how you think you could fit in at Scoot Science! We keep track of all applicants for future opportunities too. Our Story Scoot Science is a California-based, distributed startup founded in 2017 by a team of experienced oceanographers, software engineers, and data scientists. We’re an investor backed company with a current roster of 9 employees. Our team is dedicated to illuminating the linkages between ocean conditions and the ocean economy through data analysis, visualization, and forecasting. Our goal is to give our customers the best insight into what’s currently happening, and what will be happening, in their coastal oceans. At Scoot Science, we value ethical practices, a high quality work environment, and diversity in backgrounds and perspectives. We are personal-growth oriented and strive for a positive and inclusive culture. We promote responsible and sustainable use of our oceans.

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