SubSeaSail – Electrical Technician/Engineer


Date & Need: Oct 30, 2020. Start as soon as practical. 

Job Description: Electrical Technician (or Electrical Engineer) 

Period: Part-time work (typically 10-20 hours per month). Could become permanent. Reporting: Report to CTO working remotely in New Zealand. Interface with SD-based team. Compensation: To be determined based on experience 

Background: SubSeaSail LLC (SSS) is an early state, San Diego-based company that has created a revolutionary,  long-duration Unmanned Semi-Submersible Surface Vessel (USSV) with ultra-low signature (acoustic, IR, radar  and visual) at a disruptively attractive price point that will allow humans to understand and interact with the  ocean in places and ways heretofore impossible. SSS has three U.S. patents issued including one for a vessel  design that is highly flexible in size and form with many applications, and one for a passive wing control  mechanism that eliminates the need for anemometer and motor to position a wingsail. 

Job description: 

  1. This person will be responsible for the day-to-day maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of  prototype and test vessels, making sure they are seaworthy, and ready to test. This primarily involves the  electronic/electrical systems of the vessel, including the on-board computer, the connectors and wiring. 2. There is also a need to provide electronic assembly, wiring, and building support for the on-going  development of prototype vessels. 
  2. Additional work in electrical engineering, including design of wiring, solar/battery systems, and  embedded computing systems will be possible as the company grows and the person demonstrates capabilities. Requirements:
  3. Self Starting – Since SSS is small and virtually all the design originates from the CTO, who currently  resides in New Zealand, it is essential that this person actively look for potential problems to remedy and  function without direct supervision. 
  4. Desire and ability to troubleshoot – This goes along with Self Starting above. This person must be able  to understand, research, then debug electrical and electronic problems, often without supervision. 3. Skill in marine electronics assembly, protection – The marine environment is extremely challenging.  Special attention, care, and skill are required to produce electronic assemblies that survive/function long-term. 4. Willingness to get fully engaged in projects at any and all levels – SSS is looking for someone who is  committed to helping/contributing to the company’s effort/progress regardless if it is in the “job description”. 5. Positive attitude – We are looking for a person (or organization) that is interested in the work at SSS and  has a “can-do”/positive attitude so it is pleasant to work together.  

Equipment needed: 

SSS has most needed equipment, including soldering iron, voltmeters and small hand tools. Some of the testing  and debugging should be done at the shop. However, it is hoped that the candidate will have his/her own shop  or workspace, so some of the assembly and troubleshooting can be done in a more comfortable environment. 

Additional requirements for successful testing and troubleshooting are a PC and an oscilloscope. If needed, the  PC may be supplied by the company. The oscilloscope requirement is basic and a PC/USB device like PICO Scope,  low-end digital oscilloscope or even a portable Fluke scope would be adequate. A low-end stereo microscope is  also useful, particularly for anyone without good eyesight. 

Contact: Michael Jones – Managing Partner. Cell (619) 253-8761 /