Ocean Aero – Lead Software Engineer

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About the job

Ocean Aero’s autonomous marine drone, the Triton, operates exclusively on wind and solar energy and performs long-endurance missions on the ocean surface with the ability to dive below the waves for underwater operations. The Triton uses a complex array of custom-built sensors, marinized electronics, and software systems to operate, sense, and communicate in the environment.

As a Software Lead, you will be responsible for advancing the architecture and execute the deployment of software solutions that support specific customer missions. In addition to the code management, the software team’s responsibilities include the networking and backend services to collect large amounts of sensor data, store it on the Triton, and concisely share it with the user through a server-based interface in real-time.

You will be working alongside a team of creative engineers with a diverse set of backgrounds and skills. Ocean Aero has a collaborative culture with plenty of opportunities for growth and advancement. As an early member of the team, you will take ownership of the product and your decisions will directly contribute to the success of the company.


·      Lead the software development and payload integration of the Triton Marine drone.

·      Use industry best practices to advance the software for growth and technology scaling.

·      Develop strategies to enhance the architecture and integrate with customer systems.

·      Be responsible for testing and troubleshooting in the field.

·      Create and analyze metrics for debugging, monitoring, and managing.

·      Collaborate across multiple teams to plan, build, test, and demonstrate the technology.

·      Interact with senior personnel on key technical matters.

·      Mentor other software engineers and advise software management.

·      Travel up to 50% of the time to build, test, and deploy capabilities in the real world.


·      Strong engineering background from industry and school, in fields such as Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics.

·      Experience building software solutions involving significant amounts of data processing/analysis.

·      At least 5 years of experience developing software solutions for unmanned vehicles.

·      Experience with programming languages C, PHP, Python, SQL, and JavaScript

·      Experience with Linux-based operating systems and command-line programming

·      Experience in communications and networking protocols (IPv4, TCP, UDP, Iridium, RS232, RS485)

Technologies we use:

·      IDEs: Eclipse, Sublime

·      Package Management: Node, NPM

·      Front-end: ECMAScript6, webpack, SASS/scss

·      Back-end: Laravel 5.5

·      Database: MySQL, MariaDB

·      Version Control: Git

·      OS: Debian, Ubuntu, Windows

·      Programming languages: C, PHP, Python, SQL, and JavaScript

·      Other Development Tools: Sourcetree, Git Bash, Putty