Reefgen – Underwater Robotics Engineer – Underwater Guidance, Navigation, and Control

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Position Description
Reefgen robots operate in nearshore ocean environments, interacting with waves, currents, and fragile coral reef structures. As a Robotics Engineer at Reefgen, you will help build and optimize the control systems that operate the robots: the objective is to accurately, efficiently, and repeatably allow the robots to do their job of planting corals from nurseries onto damaged or
dead reefs.

This is a small company, so responsibilities may vary as we grow, and you may be asked to assist with other initiatives and tasks as needs arise. This Robotics Engineer position will require
you to do the following, among other items:

● develop software to control and communicate with underwater robots
● integrate sensor data
● control vehicle dynamics and motions
● Test, record, and communicate your product development decisions while balancing the
interests of the company across functions and priorities
● Build a system to identify and archive metadata corresponding to coral plantings
● Travel to planting locations (domestic and international) and work from boats to test and
operate robots

To apply, please send a resume to