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Climate Science: Heat & Sun exposure



Down-scaled regional weather models:

On the climate time-scale, Scripps scientists have developed a new statistical downscaling method, called LOCA (Locally Constructed Analogues), that has been designed to simulate the intensity of extreme weather events with better accuracy than previous approaches. A large ensemble of the LOCA downscaled climate simulations is being used in the California Climate Assessment and in the National Climate Assessment. In addition, for the California Climate Assessment, Scripps scientists have developed an extreme multi-year drought scenario to investigate how the region may be impacted and respond to an extreme drought. These models have been implemented for California but developed for broader and regional studies across the United States.

PIs: Daniel Cayan, David Pierce


Changes in cloud cover influence increasing heat:

Cloud cover is hard to simulate and thus predict. Scripps Professor Joel Norris worked through satellite data with misleading readings of cloud data along with atmospheric water content data and measures of Earth’s reflectivlty.

PIs: Joel Norris


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